1. Plastic-free packaging, using FSC-certified paper.
  2. Uses natural ingredients without harmful elements.
  3. Manufacturing processes focus on solar power generation.

ENV 1★: Environmentally responsible producer for ethical hair and body care
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Zero-waste shampoo bar born from Osaka’s 118-year-old company!

Japanese company, Max Co. Ltd, produces a range of soap bars called “The BAR” including shampoo, conditioner and body soap. While soap bars for haircare are generally considered not to lather as well as liquid soap, resulting in dry hair, The BAR is highly rated for its good lather and moisturizing properties after washing. This is due to their ingredients. The BAR contains less water than typical products. This is especially true of their conditioner, which contains no water at all. Instead, The BAR contains more high-load functional ingredients and less preservatives. The BAR has also received recognition from France’s most authoritative cosmetic prize, “Victories de la Beaute.”

Bar soap is more eco-friendly because of its packaging. Liquid soap comes in a plastic container. On the other hand, most bar soap is wrapped in recycled paper or paperboard and is fully recyclable. The BAR also uses paper packaging. When the bar is gone, there is zero waste. Secondly, soap bars last longer than liquid. Shampoo bars and conditioner bars from The BAR last about three months, and the body soap bars last about 1.5 months.

Bar soap is safer not only for the environment but also for your skin. Liquid soap contains more water than solid soap. It is easier for bacteria to breed in water, so having more water means adding more preservatives to a product to keep the product fresh and fend off bacteria. Preservatives can damage your skin and can give some people rashes. Bar soap contains little or no water, so it doesn’t need preservatives.

In January 2021, Max Co. Ltd introduced solar power generation facilities, compressors, chillers (liquid cooling equipment), air conditioning equipment, etc., while working on lowering electricity use peak. Even at the factory, which is the starting point for manufacturing, they strive to be environmentally friendly by reducing energy costs and aiming to reduce CO2 emissions.

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