1. A sunscreen that is kind to corals, shellfish and fish.
  2. Raises awareness of coral conservation in Japan.
  3. Work of dedication by founder, showing high commitment to environment (check MANATII too).

ENV 2★: Raises awareness of coral conservation in Japan
(About Sustainability Impact score)

Ocean-friendly sunscreen EARTH & CORAL FRIENDLY UV BALM

People go to the beach for pleasure, relaxation, or a tan. However, only a few think twice about how much damage they could cause to the environment when they do.

Not Yukino Kinjo, though. When the founder of MANATII discovered that humans were seriously damaging the ocean with sunscreens and marine waste, she took action.

“When I was applying sunscreen to myself, a friend of mine told me, ‘The corals will die if you use sunscreen,'” Kinjo said in an interview. “At that moment, the issue of environmental destruction, which I had long been blaming someone far, far away—became something of my own.”

Seeing how people ignored environmental issues when they should be apprehensive about them, the Okinawa native, with great love for the sea, decided to find a way to develop eco-friendly sunscreens.

It was no easy task, however. Kinjo had experience working in the cosmetics field before, but she needed to gain knowledge about sunscreens. “There weren’t enough scientific records in Japan, so I sought overseas for more information,” she recalled.

Kinjo devoted herself to studying corals by reading various papers. Along the way, she discovered that Japan’s awareness of coral conservation was low. She also needed help gathering the funds required for developing coral-friendly sunscreens. She eventually turned to start crowdfunding.

“Crowdfunding was such a difficult experience,” Kinjo said. “But at the same time, I got to connect with some supporters, who gave me the strength to overcome my troubles.”

Kinjo went as far as to sell her shop she had managed for eight years and borrow money to raise funds. More than two years later, in 2017, she successfully developed “EARTH & CORAL FRIENDLY UV BALM,” a sunscreen that is kind to corals, shellfish and fish, while gentle to human skin at the same time.

However, people initially didn’t show much interest in the product. “It initially didn’t do well,” Kinjo recalled. “Neither the tourist industry nor the local government took much notice.”

She had various media cover the sunscreen, and slowly people started to hook on. It also began receiving awards.

“Steady efforts paved the way for people to get interested and contact us,” said Kinjo.

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