Ethical Organic Shop Nature



  1. Personally curated beauty products by the owner of the shop.
  2. Conducts workshops not to sell products, but to help raise well-being and build community.
  3. Wants revitalize the ward together with other social good businesses.

SOC 2★: Strongly focuses on building a community that leads an effortless ethical lifestyle.
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Elevate your ethical lifestyle, well-being and planet at Tokyo’s “Nature”

What if you could take care of your body’s well-being and the environment effortlessly? By “effortlessly,” we mean not having to think about sustainability when you purchase beauty and health products, yet you’re still doing good for both your well-being and nature.

That’s the ideal Ethical Organic Shop Nature pursues. Located just a two-minute walk from JR Takadanobaba Station, this beauty and health store offers convenience. Guided by the belief that a comfortable life can benefit not just you and your loved ones but also the Earth, Nature promotes an ethical lifestyle beneficial to everyone involved, from consumers to producers.

Many of Nature’s customers might not be familiar with the concept of sustainability, but they do seek authenticity and eco-friendliness, making Nature their ideal choice. Although there’s increasing awareness of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among the Japanese, many may not know what “being sustainable” entails.

Leading an ethical lifestyle without knowing it

Nature suggests shopping with them as a pathway to an “ethical lifestyle.” The ethical products they offer are curated, allowing customers to feel confident that their purchases benefit both society and the environment.

Furthermore, Nature defines “ethical” in easy-to-understand terms: “good for the Earth.” The founder personally curates the eco-friendly products, fully aware of issues like microplastics and solutions like upcycling, and often visits the producers’ workshops. Of course, Nature focuses on benefits for individuals, extending these benefits even to producers.

For example, Botanicanon, a brand Nature promotes, focuses on sustainable beauty. They conduct workshops, repurpose abandoned schools into production sites, and collaborate with local farms. Their initiatives include waste reduction, ocean conservation, and job creation in aging communities, all powered by clean electricity. That is the level of sustainability that Nature picks to promote.

Connection with the community

Community building is essential for Nature. Rather than merely attracting more customers, Nature aims to enrich the town of Takadanobaba by becoming a community hub. It’s heartening to know that staff take pride in providing ethical products, knowing they’re beneficial to customers.

Local production and consumption are also reflected in their philosophy. Eighty percent of the sustainable products Nature carries are made in Japan. Furthermore, there’s active mutual promotion among local brands with the common goal of positively impacting Takadanobaba.

Nature seeks to be a connection point. Ideally, visitors would use Nature as a stepping stone toward an ethical lifestyle. But even those who visit out of curiosity find an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Nature actively holds workshops where participants can learn about environmentally friendly products. Sales at these workshops are secondary, because Nature wants to grow a community that is comfortable with an ethical lifestyle, be it through education or friendship.

All these efforts help Nature create a virtuous cycle that improves the local region, particularly Takadanobaba.

Importance of sustainable shops like Nature

The multitude of choices in the market often confuses customers. Nature’s carefully curated products allow customers to bypass this confusion and make ethical choices, even if they’re unsure what ethical consumption means.

Nature is going to play a key role in Takadanobaba’s vitality. They’re currently looking to collaborate with nearby brands that care about people and the environment. Such collaborations can include mutual product promotion and workshop invitations.

So come visit! Nature is a strong ally in your quest for ethical living. While Nature has an online store, we’ve learned that their physical store carries some products not available online. If you’re looking for souvenirs, their made-in-Japan products are a good fit.

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(updated 27 September 2023)

Brand name Ethical Organic Shop Nature
Genre Cosmetics, Well-being
Website Homepage (JA)
Address 2F Daikan Plaza, 1-31-8 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Google Map
Contact Info Tel: 03-6323-3991
Opening Hours

12 pm ~ 7 pm

Closed on weekends and public holidays. Occasional holidays too.

Instagram Account Instagram URL

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