Japan Sustainable Tours

Guided Ecotours for Individuals/Groups by specialists

Are you fascinated by the concept of sustainability and eager to discover how Japan is leading the way in this vital global movement? Look no further! Zenbird Sustainable Tours can help you organize and visit sustainable sites in cities, where we offer a unique opportunity to explore the frontlines of Japan’s innovative sustainability efforts, from community building to circular economy concepts.

What can you expect

Specialist as guide

Your guide will have years of experience looking at the sustainability and circular economy trends in Japan.

Close to city centers

Our tours are mainly conducted in major cities Tokyo and Kyoto, so you don’t need to travel out of your way to experience these tours.

Customizable tours

Your trip should cater to themes you are interested in, so it is possible to customise your tour, for example if you want to know more about zero waste, or local revitalization etc.

Fun & Fulfilling!

At the end of the day, it’s your trip! So we want the tour to be fulfiling, be it on the learning aspect or the fun aspect!

Some places we have visited in the past

You may specific interests and places you’d like to visit! These are some location and themes Zenbird can take you to visit:

  • elab (circular economy, zero waste)
  • Maito Design Works (sustainable fashion)
  • Tokyo Riverside Distillery (circular economy, revitalization)
  • BIKAS COFFEE (fair trade)
  • NATURE (ethical lifestyle)
  • AIN SOPH. (vegan)
  • Tu Casa (zero waste)
  • Zero Waste Market (zero waste, circular economy)
  • Kikuya Zakkaten (fair trade)
  • … and many more!

Tokyo sample tour

Hidden among the snazz and jazz of Tokyo, there are various sustainable brands being the cool cats ofsustainability. You can find circular economy entreprenuers, zero waste advocates and individuals who want to revitalize their wards for the betterment of society.

Your creations at Rinne.Bar

Enjoy the satisfaction of making your own crafts while having drinks and chat with fellow guests and staff of Rinne.Bar! Discover how waste is not waste, what new values can be created, and how upcycling is about fun!

Visit the artisans of Kuramae

This neighbourhood has a long history of craftmanship, and the sustainable ways of the artisans still remain today in the neighbourhood of Kuramae. We will explore the various shops if the weather is good!

Dine at Stage by The Ethical Spirits&Co.

Close the day up with a dinner at The Ethical Spirits & Co. Bar and Dining “Stage.” Visit the zero-waste distillery, and learn how the brand works with farmers to revitalize rice in Japan.

Kyoto sample tour

Kyoto is ancient city that mixes the old with the new. It is proud of its tradition, and its will to pass down its sustianable values are strong too. And if you are visiting Kyoto at certain periods, you might even be able to participate in sustainable events, even a sustainable music concert!

Breakfast at Ogawa Coffee

Have a relaxing start to the Kyoto morning in this modern machiya, as you enjoy Ogawa Coffee’s fair trade, flannel-dripped coffee and bread made from Kyoto’s region-grown ingredients.

Hints of Circular Edonomy

Japan’s Edo Period was an examplar of a sustainable economy, and the modern Kyoto reveals some hints of it. We will introduce some of the concepts of Japanese sustainability while visiting shops that demonstrate those values.

Visit to Good Nature Station

Good Nature Station is one of the pioneers of sustainable brands, putting high focus on both social and environment good. We will have an opportunity to visit its Market and even a peek at the Hotel!

Want to know more about a tour for you?


If your question is not here

Please contact us through our contact form, and we will reply as soon as possible!

How many people are the tours for?

The ideal group size is 4~6 people.

I am traveling solo. Can I book a tour?

Yes, it is still possible, especially for customisation. Please contact us for what you are interested in, and we will support you in customising a tour!

Can I bring my children along?

Yes, children are welcomed! Let us know your interested destinations, and we will check if the facility is children-friendly or not.

How much is the tour?

Prices will differ on the different destinations, but a good estimate will be between 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen per person.

Can you help us book hotels, transport etc.?

Because we are not a tour agency, it is against the law for us to do these reservations for you.

How early should I book a tour?

It is recommended you book a tour two months in advance of your trip. This will help ensure the destinations have the availabilities to fit you and your group in.