1. Creativity and upcycling turns waste into meaningful products.
  2. An atmosphere of easy communication with others.
  3. Environmentally-friendly experience that is fun to make or watch.

SOC 3★: A pioneer in changing mindsets through creacation.
ENV 3★: Designing waste out through upcycling.
Circularity: Repurpose
(About Sustainability Impact score)

Rinne.bar, where you meet others to drink and upcycle!

Many may not be familiar with the term “creacation,” but you may have seen one of its forms before. Creacation refers to the combined experience of “creation” and “communication,” and it’s where people can get together and connect while creating something, like a cafe where customers paint on a canvas.

Rinne.bar in Taito, Tokyo, is also one such place. It opened its doors in February 2020. With the concept of “CRAFT x DRINK x UPCYCLING,” Rinne.bar is a bar where anyone can easily enter and experience making things over a drink. The materials used for crafts come from existing craftspeople who have disused or scrap materials. It’s also the reason behind the name “Rinne,” which means “reincarnation” in Japanese, referring to reusing waste materials to make items of meaningful value.

The focus is upcycling by making items with materials available, but it does not matter if you have no experience in arts and crafts. Rinne.bar has you covered. They have a menu from which you can pick, from creating a bowtie, to making a leather keychain, to piecing together a wooden toy. After selecting your preferred craft, Rinne.bar staff will prepare required materials and tools, together with step-by-step instructions. The staff will also be available to assist if you are unsure of any step. Remember, these are just instructions, and you are free to deviate, limited by your creativity.

Experienced individuals who are used to arts and crafts do not need to select from the menu. You are free to make whatever you want. You pay for the materials you want, and the tools will be provided. Tools and materials may be placed on different shelves, so do ask the staff if you are looking for something specific to use.

And while it’s amazing that this place taps into human creativity to turn disused materials into meaningful items, Rinne.bar is ultimately a bar! It’s okay if you just want to hang back for a beer or wine and watch others’ creativity at work. Rinne.bar wants customers to feel free to come and connect with other customers, regardless of their interests. They want to create a place where customers can have fun and get connected with others, and perhaps even get invested in acting for the environment.

The founder, Sachiyo Kojima, was inspired by Portland’s crafts scene, where the spirit of creativity seeped deeply into the craftsmanship scene, particularly SCRAP PDX and DIY BAR. She also realized the importance, but lack of, creativity in Japanese society and how it links to every individual’s expression. Placing individual expression and eco-consciousness as the core, Kojima launched a successful crowdfunding project for Rinne.bar and achieving 165% funding.

Rinne.bar is located conveniently from exit A4 of Shin-Okachimachi Station. It opens between 1 pm and 10 pm, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you are a group of six, you may even reserve a table for use.

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Brand name Rinne.bar
Genre Bar, Upcycling
Website Homepage (JA)
Address 4-24 Taitō, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0016
Google Map https://goo.gl/maps/
Opening Hours

Opens Friday to Sunday
1 pm ~ 10 pm

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Children-friendly TBA
Accessibility TBA

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