1. Plastic-free is always welcomed!
  2. Ingredients are vegan and eco-friendly.
  3. Shampoo bars last longer and has less transportation impact.

ENV 1★: Environment-friendly ingredients and plastic free
(About Sustainability Impact score)

High-quality bar shampoo that is plastic-free and vegan

Although it has been a couple of years since bar shampoo attracted eco/ethical-conscious people, few bar shampoos have become well-known due to their perceived lack of overall quality compared with traditional liquid types. But MILESSE has solved various obstacles that keep people away from bar shampoos.

First of all, MILESSE promotes silkier and smoother hair texture as well as healthier head skin. Bar soap contain less water than liquid soaps, making bars able to have numerous functional ingredients with high concentrations. Also, MILESSE is committed to silicone-free and organic ingredients. Its various organic and plant-based ingredients make the shampoo so gentle as it can be used on a baby.

Secondly, there are three kinds of shampoo and two kinds of conditioner so that users can choose depending on their hair types or desired hair textures, such as silky or volume hair. And what’s more, they can enjoy uplifting and elegant scents: bergamot white tea, rose violet, green tea floral, mandarin blossom and white-peach musk.

Thirdly, the prices of the products are reasonable to use daily, considering the fact that a typical bar shampoo lasts longer than a regular shampoo bottle (one can replace 2-3 bottles). And most importantly, it contributes to sustainable production by manufacturing plastic-free and vegan products. It doesn’t contain any plastic ingredients, including its packaging, which is made from recycled paper.

Originally published on Zenbird.Media.

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