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  1. Ensures environmental sustainability in the minute aspects.
  2. Strong commitment to the well-being, physically and emotionally.
  3. Certified by Japan Sustainable Salon Association.

SOC 1★: Extra effort put into the well-being of diverse customers.
ENV 2★: Not only minimizes environment impact, but also partnered with Matter of Trust.
(About Sustainability Impact score)

coconiwa is a sustainable salon that values “beauty from the heart, not just the hair,” “aging together with its customers,” and “providing a space and time that makes clients want to return.” Among the many beauty salons available, coconiwa aims to create a unique and valuable experience for its customers.

The salon walls are adorned with 100% natural inorganic material, silica lime, creating a relaxing ambiance. In their commitment to the environment and people, they use products that minimize negative impacts, and have introduced a harmless ozone system to treat wastewater. Their power usage comes from renewable energy sources, further reducing their carbon footprint.

Coconiwa provides organic and fair-trade drinks and snacks, and to reduce plastic waste, they use biodegradable straws made from upcycled sugarcane residue. The cleaning products they use for the salon have no impact on the human body and the environment, and they utilize 100% bamboo toilet paper rolls.

Organic cotton is used for towels and blankets that customers come into contact with, as well as Easydry, a 100% biodegradable towel made from wood. The salon offers products that meet the Sustainable Salon Certification criteria and are considerate of people, animals, and the environment. They also donate a portion of their sales to the non-profit organization CIESF (an NPO that promotes mutual understanding between young people in Japan and overseas and to build a sustainable society.)

The store is designed with no steps, making it accessible for customers with strollers and wheelchairs, and even provides facilities for breastfeeding and diaper changing. With a small staff and ample reservation time, clients can enjoy a relaxing experience at coconiwa.

Their future plans include increasing their commitment to recycling aluminum tubes at Beauty Garage and reusing hair in hair mat making, while continuing to reducing waste and actively participating in the activities of Matter of Trust. They plan to review and switch to products with lower environmental impact and participate in local activities, even small things like picking up trash. Additionally, coconiwa aims to host events with themes of organic and sustainable practices, sharing the benefits of environmentally and human-friendly products, and conveying the appeal and necessity of organic products.


(updated 9 May 2023)

Brand name coconiwa
Genre Genderless, Salon
Website Homepage (JA)
Address 4 Chome-5-10 Minamiaoyama, Minato City, Tokyo 107-0062
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10 am ~ 6 pm

Closed on Tuesday, and 2 days irregular holiday

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