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  1. Customers get to “journey” together with the salon on an ethical experience.
  2. Certified by Japan Sustainable Salon Association.
  3. Each visit allows customers to contribute socially and environmentally.

SOC 2★: Ground zero for the Japan Sustainable Salon Certification.
ENV 2★: Not only minimizes environment impact, but also partnered with Matter of Trust.
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Oriental Journey encourages clients to embark on a personal journey, even for the short time they spend at the salon. This philosophy inspired the salon’s name. Oriental Journey believes that making oneself beautiful can lead to a more beautiful community, society, and even the Earth. The salon showcases its commitment to sustainability through various practices.

They utilize carefully selected organic products as much as possible and actively adopt environmentally friendly packaging. Additionally, the salon employs upcycled newspaper shopper tote bags made by the challenged, promoting a plastic-free approach.

The salon is designed with sustainability in mind, featuring walls with natural plaster to reduce allergenic formaldehyde and the typical salon smell. The interior is decorated with 1920s antique furniture and solid wood, and the salon relies on renewable energy to power its operations. Sustainable speakers are installed within the salon, and ethical hangers made of banana paper are provided.

In their efforts to further minimize their environmental impact, Oriental Journey stocks bamboo toilet paper rolls and serves organic and fair-trade welcome drinks. The salon has introduced an ozone water system that neutralizes chemicals to discharges clean water and is equipped with showerheads that offer a 60% water-saving rate. The Easydry towels used are also FSC-certified, eliminating microplastic discharge and environmental pollution caused by wastewater during laundry.

Oriental Journey has implemented a system that collects a 100 yen donation per visit, allowing customers to support developing countries with each visit. They also donate a portion of their parking lot revenue to reforestation projects for carbon offsetting. In a unique partnership with Matter of Trust, the salon collects hair scheduled for disposal and uses it to absorb heavy oil spilled from capsized ships, thereby protecting the ocean.


(updated 9 May 2023)

Genre Genderless, Salon
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Address 2-13-9 Sakasai, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba
Eucalyptus Building, 3rd Floor, Room 2
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10 am ~ 7 pm

Closed on irregular holidays

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