Ashita Watashi wa Kaki no Ki ni Noboru



  1. Aims to revitalize a declining agricultural industry and reduce food waste.
  2. Cruelty-free, sustainable ingredients.
  3. Sustainable Cosmetics Award winner.

SOC 3★: Promoting sex education and women’s wellness through production
ENV 2★: Upcycled ingredients skincare products
Circularity: Repurpose
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Beauty products that care for physical and mental health

There are so many options for sustainable cosmetics in recent years that you may have a hard time choosing one! Some companies have a solid philosophy of solving specific social issues, which can be a good reason to choose them because it means you can contribute to solving the problems with your consumption.

One such example is a Japanese femtech brand named “Ashita Watashi wa Kaki no Ki ni Noboru,” which is leading the way to promote women’s wellness and agriculture at the same time through cosmetics and other unique business approaches.

Intimate care products that support women to get to know themselves

Ashita Watashi wa Kaki no Ki ni Noboru focuses on intimate care and develops products that cater to women’s concerns.

The founder, Miai Kobayashi, has suffered physical and mental breakdowns due to her stressful work style. She realized how important it is to take care of herself and decided to support women like her to maintain themselves through the products and the brand.

The brand name means “I will climb up a persimmon tree tomorrow” in English. It includes her message to women, which is to “Try again tomorrow instead of today when you feel like you’re losing your mind or body. Love yourself just as you are.”

This brand is not only women-friendly. It also aims to revitalize a declining agricultural industry and reduce food waste.

The main ingredient of their products is persimmon produced in Fukushima Prefecture. They upcycle discarded persimmon peels. In Japan, people in this area used to make soap and toothpaste from astringent persimmons.

The brand designs its products to be as gentle as possible, so all its items contain no silicone, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or colorants. Moreover, they are cruelty-free.

Their products include Feminine Wash, Feminine Oil and Serum, which are perfect for moisturizing intimate areas, and Feminine Milk, which can treat odors in the underarms and legs. Their Feminine Mist, which won the 2020 Sustainable Cosmetics Award, is multi-use for refreshing intimate areas, mask mist or face mist.

Unique ways to promote both agriculture and women’s wellness

Hitobito, the company that launched this brand, aims to solve several social issues by promoting agriculture and making life easier for women living in urban areas.

In addition to intimate care products, Hitobito strives to promote woman’s wellness through their web magazine and talk events.

Hitobito provides sex education related to women’s bodies, such as information about menstruation and pregnancy and about gender equality, such as child-rearing and career opportunities.

In February 2022, Hitobito published a book that includes expert commentary on the female body and how-to tips for women whose struggles may be difficult to share with others. Though the book is only available in Japanese, you can check it out at the online shop.

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