1. A place where users can act with a social purpose without trying to force themselves to fit in.
  2. Multiple aspects to get in touch with various issues.
  3. A focus on “local first,” priotitizing local resources.

SOC 1★: Focus on guest diversity and local first
ENV 1★: Environment-friendly amenities
(About Sustainability Impact score)

Contributing to society without obligation, but with convenience

Shibuya and Harajuku are well-known as Japan’s epicenters of both hipster life and high fashion. If you go searching for something creative and new amongst the sightseers and tall skyscrapers, you might find yourself at Shibuya’s Trunk Hotel.

Founded in May 2017, Trunk Hotel is a guest house that runs on the concept of “socializing”. It creates an atmosphere where guests and visitors are able to freely meet one another without feeling forced. Offering 15 rooms, Trunk Hotel has been structured in a way to provide amenities such as a minibar, a store, a lounge area, and even a restaurant. All these without sacrificing the sociable vibe.

What does “socializing” mean at Trunk Hotel?

Trunk Hotel defines the term “socializing” as a way for people to connect with others, to mingle with those from different backgrounds, and to form new bonds with the community.

This hotel has gone to great lengths in order to create a space in order for guest to expand their horizons and learn something distinct not only about themselves, but the world around them. For example, if you buy a bottle of mineral water and look at the back label, you’ll discover that a portion of the proceeds will go toward the forest conservation activities in Tokyo.

When contributing becomes inconvenient

When pondering about how to contribute to society, many questions arise pertaining to how to make a donation, the proper way to handle trash, volunteering in a developing nation, and so on. Many people, including the Japanese, often wonder whether they can engage in some sort of charitable work on a daily basis. Unfortunately, thinking about doing these things and actually implementing them into our daily lives can be a difficult step.

Trunk Hotel makes it easier for their guests to give a little something back. Through products and services provided within the hotel, hotel guests have an opportunity to understand the various issues within our world, such as those connected to health risks or environmental destruction. Furthermore, guest may also support projects engaged in finding solutions for these concerns.

Designing Trunk Hotel

Trunk Hotel has five pillars which contribute to society and are actively promoting them to their guests. These pillars include, environment, local first, diversity, health and culture. The hotel’s designs usually reflects these five points.

For example, the pillars and walls in the lounge are built using the wood from old Japanese houses. Even the bar seats were also created out of a collection of recycled wine corks.

Since there are people from various backgrounds visiting the Shibuya area, the hotel was also then designed to provide a friendly atmosphere, welcoming all walks of life.

Trunk Hotel has also put a strong emphasis on diversity through different aspects. They prepare a vegan menu selection for meals, and also the provision of a barrier free facility for the physically disabled.

Welcoming all, local first

However, Trunk Hotel is still able to adhere to one of their main principles; locals first. The interior of the guest house has been designed by local artists and creators from Japan. Moreover, they have also placed importance on providing guests with domestically produced goods like their locally grown vegetables used in their restaurant menu.

The rooms use a sleek and simple design by blending monochrome tones. The sandals in the rooms are made from recycled end rubber material originating from a sandal factory. These are unlike paper slippers  commonly found at hotels in Japan. Trunk Hotel’s sandals design and functionality are perfect for everyday life, especially if you intend to take them home after your stay.

Each product at the hotel has a story, which can be found within their designs. Through collaboration with local producers, Trunk Hotel brings premium products to its guests which have been produced locally.

Contributing to society without feeling obliged to

However, the hotel doesn’t force their guest to use their products just because they are environmentally friendly. The product designs give off an impression of top quality and benefit in our daily lives. Thus there is no need to push the theme of community contribution. Because of such purposeful designs, even one room sandal will encourage guest to think twice and place more importance on the materials and products that surround them.

Trunk Hotel does not directly ask for donations to charity groups from visitors. Their main focus is to propose solutions connected to community contributions that will seamlessly integrate within their guests’ lifestyles. This is a simple outreach solution for consumers who would like to be active in the Japanese community. Especially when the culture of charitable contributions is not as widespread.

Trunk Hotel’s strengths lie in the coexistence of social contribution and good taste. Each product at this guest house has a design that tells a story. Money spent here will go toward several different causes, thus helping local businesses, charities, as well as the environment.

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(updated 4 Jan 2023)

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