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  1. Architecture by world-renowned Shigeru Ban.
  2. Kid’s dome promotes creativity of children, also family-friendly.
  3. A self-Löyly Finnish-style sauna is available!

SOC 2★: Attracts people to the region for revitalization through toruism and education
(About Sustainability Impact score)

A hotel on the rice paddies for revitalization

SHONAI HOTEL SUIDEN TERRASSE is a unique accommodation facility in the Shonai region. Designed by architect Shigeru Ban, it’s part of a science park that’s become a hub for bio-ventures and a model for regional revitalization. The facility’s 143 rooms, all wooden, blend seamlessly into the changing seasons of the surrounding countryside.

The complex also includes a library, shop, and restaurant, all open to guests and locals alike. Nine meeting rooms cater to business and training needs. The recent grand opening marked the availability of a natural hot spring and fitness facility.

The rooms, spread across three buildings named after the Dewa mountains, offer a simple, warm aesthetic. Guests can enjoy scenic views of the Shonai Plain and the courtyard from their windows. The on-site restaurant, FARMER’S DINING IRODORI, serves dishes made from pesticide-free vegetables grown on their farm, emphasizing local produce.

The library, curated around the theme “Adults and Children, Children and Adults,” houses around 1,000 books. The shop offers local sake, snacks, and crafts, all selected to represent Yamagata and Shonai.

The spa and fitness center, housed in a wooden dome, features a natural hot spring sourced from 1,200 meters underground. The fitness area, semi-underground, is equipped for full-body and endurance workouts.

The facility also includes nine meeting rooms, adorned with artwork from students and faculty of Tohoku University of Art and Design. A Finnish-style sauna, designed by Shigeru Ban, offers a unique experience with its self-Löyly method.

Finally, the “KIDS DOME SORAI” is a children’s play facility designed to stimulate children’s creativity and instincts. It features a dome-shaped roof and an indoor play area with a variety of materials and tools for crafts and art, aiming to support child-rearing in the community.

And their presence has already seeing result on the impact on the region. The enhancement of private educational facilities and the synergistic effect of promoting returning or new residents have particularly contributed to an increase in child-rearing generations. In fact, 80% of the company’s employees are returning or new residents.


(updated 18 May 2023)

Genre Hotel, Regional Revitalization
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Address Shimotorinosu-23-1 Kitakyoden, Tsuruoka, Yamagata 997-0053
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Opening Hours Check In: 3:30 pm ~ 12 am
Check Out: 6 am ~ 10 am

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