1. Achieved highest rank of “Net Zero Energy Building.”
  2. Designed by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma.
  3. Will serve as a spot for disaster prevention center.

SOC 2★: Facilities suitable as a centre for disaster prevention.
ENV 1★: Net Zero Wenergy through reduction and production of energy
(About Sustainability Impact score)

Japan’s first Zero Energy hotel in Ehime

Nestled in the serene city of Saijo in Ehime Prefecture, Japan, this revolutionary establishment is the country’s first Zero Energy Building (ZEB). The ZEB certification, granted by Japan’s Ministry of Environment, symbolizes the hotel’s commitment to offset its energy consumption by generating an equivalent amount.

Recognizing the energy-intensive nature of hotels, second only to restaurants per square meter, Itomachi Hotel 0 aims to lead the charge towards a decarbonized society. The hotel offers an interactive opportunity for its guests to understand the intricacies of energy conservation through informative infographics and engaging tours.

Guests at the Itomachi Hotel 0 can relish in the distinct charm of Ehime while witnessing a revolutionary energy paradigm. The hotel’s design aesthetic integrates local elements including the self-emerging “Uchinuki” well and the striking “Iyo Blue Stone” from the Japanese archipelago. Two room types cater to a diverse clientele – the “Hotel” type for a more casual stay and the “Villa” type offering a luxurious, private experience reminiscent of traditional Japanese inns. Regenerated PVC sheets, recycled denim tabletops, and benches made from recycled glass underline the establishment’s commitment to recycling.

At the hotel’s Reception Cafe, guests can savour the flavours of Ehime with nutritious, locally-sourced produce prepared under the supervision of a dietitian and Executive Chef Tomohiro Maruyama. Reflecting a focus on health, the dishes adhere to rigorous nutritional guidelines set by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.

Itomachi Hotel 0 also offers guests an array of regional amenities. These include traditional teacups and teapots, locally-produced coffee and sweets, organic cosmetics, locally-manufactured linens, and regional green tea. Each room also includes a hotel original eco-bag and tumbler, adding a fun twist to exploring Saijo’s locale. As Japan’s first zero-energy hotel, Itomachi Hotel 0 invites guests to indulge in a unique and sustainable vacation experience.


(updated 6 June 2023)

Genre Hotel, Net Zero Energy
Website Homepage
Address 250−7 Rakuhi City, Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture
Google Map
Opening Hours Check In: 3 pm
Check Out: 11 am

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