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  1. Offering plastic-free purchases of individual customer’s needs.
  2. Vegetables come from across Japan.
  3. Wants customers to feel good beyond just consuming.

SOC 2★: Wants bridge between customers and farmers
Circularity: Refuse
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Small greengrocer delivering naturally cultivated vegetables from across Japan along with their stories

Teppei Suzuki and Toru Yamashiro founded Traveling Grocery Store in 2010, traveling across Japan in a camper van to promote naturally grown vegetables. In 2021, they expanded their venture by opening MICOTOYA HOUSE in Aoba Ward in Yokohama, a unique store combining a greengrocer with an ice cream shop, “KIKI NATURAL ICECREAM.”

MICOTOYA HOUSE sells naturally grown vegetables sourced from various producers across Japan. Emphasizing the importance of ecological responsibility, they strive to maintain a plastic-free sales floor. Instead of conventional plastic packaging, vegetables are wrapped in organic cotton gauze or newspaper, aiming to minimize the environmental footprint while delivering fresh produce to customers.

What sets MICOTOYA HOUSE apart is their unique approach to selling vegetables. Recognizing that lifestyle and family structure greatly influence the amount of vegetables consumed, they offer customers the flexibility to purchase the exact quantities they need. This approach not only caters to the customer’s specific needs but also seeks to reduce food waste towards zero waste.

KIKI NATURAL ICECREAM is innovative in this aspect too. Here, they utilize vegetables that would otherwise go to waste, transforming them into delicious ice cream flavors.

The MICOTOYA team extends their support beyond selling produce by assisting with farm work and highlighting the challenges faced by farmers, such as succession issues. Through their active involvement and advocacy, they aim to foster understanding and appreciation for farming, while exploring solutions for its contemporary issues.

Suzuki holds a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of conscious consumption. He sees his store as a platform to enlighten customers about their purchasing choices, fostering a sense of connection and responsibility towards the people and processes behind the products they buy.

Suzuki believes that MICOTOYA HOUSE can be a space where customers feel a sense of attachment to the items they purchase, understanding the story behind each product. He holds that consumption shapes society and advocates for mindful purchasing, going beyond trend-following or unthinking consumption. For Suzuki, buying items created with passion by people they have a connection with can lead to a better world.

Moreover, Suzuki envisions MICOTOYA HOUSE as a place where sustainability is celebrated. The store’s practices, such as reducing plastic use and minimizing food waste, aim to create an environment where people can appreciate and participate in sustainable actions. Suzuki aspires to make sustainability accessible and enjoyable, rather than preachy.

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(updated 15 May 2023)

Brand name Fruits and Vegetables Micotoya
Genre Grocery, Zero Waste
Website Homepage (JA)
Address 7-8 Umegaoka, Aoba Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
Google Map https://goo.gl/maps/
Contact Info

Tel/Fax: 045-507-3504

Email: info@micotoya.com

Opening Hours

Weekday: 11 am ~ 6 pm

Weekends and Holidays: 10 am ~ 6 pm

Closed on Thursday

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