nue by Totoya

Grocery & Marche


  1. Plastic-free shopping in the middle of Tokyo.
  2. Offers organic ingredients and wine.
  3. Zero waste shopping for various sustainable products.

SOC 1★: Supports customers for a plastic-free shopping
ENV 3★: Business model designed to be zero-waste
Circularity: Refuse, Rethink, Reduce
(About Sustainability Impact score)

Before Japan’s first zero waste supermarket, there was nue by Totoya

Although nue by Totoya began humble in the neighbourhoods of Tokyo, it has a garnered a strong following. It shows that there is a demand for a zero-waste, plastic-free lifestyle.

And this zero-waste store provides for such a lifestyles in two ways. First, there is a wide variety of ingredients that you can purchase here through a sell-by-weight system. You can do bulk shopping for edibles like dried fruits, organic rice, cookies, honey. nue by Totoya also sells vegetables coming from local farmers.

Secondly, nue by Totoya also sell goods to fill unsustainable gaps we may. These miscellaneous goods can include silicone bamboo hairbrushes, bio-degradable hair ties, and disposable cloth tea bags.

Even if you forget to bring contains for bulk purchases, you can purchase a plastic-free container from nue by Totaya. However, do look at using donated containers section from other customers to use.

nue by Totoya also keeps their Instagram account active, and they let followers know of new stock and latest recommendations.

It is the success of nue by Totoya that inspired them to start a zero-waste supermarket in Kyoto, which is one of the favourite places for Kyotonites leading sustainable lifestyles.


What we would like to see

None at the moment.


(updated 31 Jan 2023)

Brand name nue by Totoya
Genre Zero waste, Plastic-free, Women-led organization
Website Homepage
Address 2 Chome-20-10 Higashimotomachi, Kokubunji, Tokyo 185-0022
Google Map
Contact Info Contact by email {@}
Opening Hours

11 am ~ 6 pm

Closed on Mondays and on 18th of each month

Instagram Account Instagram URL
Facebook Account Facebook URL
Twitter Account Twitter URL
Parking Yes, together with Cafe Slowz
Children-friendly Yes

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