Yokohama Sunset Marche

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  1. Enjoy and learn about local production for local consumption.
  2. Fills the gaps of collaboration left behind by COVID.
  3. Discovering circularity through day-to-day products.

SOC 3★: Drives sustainable consumption within Yokohama City.
Circularity: Various ranks because of range of brands
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A marche that promotes Circular Economy in Yokohama

Sunset Marché combines the Japanese word for “evening” and the French word for “market.” Yokohama Sunset Marché is the opening market for the “Enjoyable and affordable! SDGs ‘Sunset Marché’” market that the company Woo-By.Style (in Japanese) has begun developing. Woo-By.Style runs handmade shops, holds events and markets, and conducts planning and operations for regional facilities and commercial establishments. Yugata Marché is a way of solving issues through markets. It solves issues facing individuals, companies and organizations living in local areas by connecting people.

Starting with the holding of Yokohama Sunset Marché at Yokohama City Hall on 7 July 2022, ties with terminal stations in Yokohama City and other cities will be deepened, and these efforts are being expanded to multiple locations.

Circular Yokohama is contributing to the Marché with a special collaboration and is providing informational content related to the circular economy, as well as exhibiting and selling circular products within Yokohama City.

Originally published on Circular Yokohama.

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(updated 31 Oct)

Brand name Yokohama Sunset Marche
Genre Marche
Website Homepage (JA)
Address 6-50-10 Honcho, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0005

Yokohama City Hall 2F Multipurpose Space

Google Map
Opening Hours Every Thursday
4:30 pm ~ 7:30 pm
Instagram Account Instagram URL
Facebook Account
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LINE Account
Parking TBA
Children-friendly Yes

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