Smartphone Shredder ZAURUS



  1. Offering a sorely needed e-waste service.
  2. Creating a circular system for precious metals.
  3. Other than restoration of precious metals, ZAURUS also offers repair services.

ENV 2★: Returning precious metals back into manufacturing processes
(About Sustainability Impact score)


With their efforts to recycle precious metals, ZAURUS is part of a circular economy of returning resources to the manufacturing processes of electronic devices like smartphones and tablets.

Although you can drop in without reservations, ZAURUS recommends doing so in case they have to attend more customers that day. The shop is also a repair store for handphones, so booking a time will allow the staff to attend to you with minimal wait.

You will also be required to fill in a contact form on a tablet. Don’t be surprised to be asked for personal identification too, as it acts as a deterrent to fraudulent disposal of handphones.

The staff will then remove the battery and any unwanted SIM cards, and proceed to shred the electronic device in front of you. This way, you know that the electronic device has been disposed of properly without risk to your privacy.

This is an important service, because it addresses the big problem of e-waste is a big problem, especially in the city. For one, improper disposal of batteries is often the cause of fire outbreaks in garbage disposal facilities. Furthermore, the high demand and consumption of electronics means that the precious metals will continue to be furiously mined from somewhere in the globe.

The ZAURUS service is just a minute’s walk away from JR Shinjuku Station (look for southeast exit). At a highly convenient location (they’ve moved to the first floor so it’s easier to find) and with a hassle-free process, each device processed is currently charged at 980 yen per disposal. If you ever find yourself in need to recycle your old smartphone for better purposes, ZAURUS is currently the best place you can do it!

What we would like to see

We would love to see them actively take part in events and promote the importance of urban mining.


(updated 7 Sept)

Genre E-waste
Website Homepage (JA)
Address 〒160-0022
Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Shinjuku, 3 Chome−35−3 Moriosamu Building 1F
Google Map
Contact No. 0120-169-504
Opening Hours 10:00~22:00(Counter closes at 21:00)
Instagram Account Instagram URL
Facebook Account Facebook URL
Twitter Account Twitter URL
YouTube Account YouTube Channel
Parking Not available
Accessibility Entrancce is on the 1F and there are no steps.

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