1. Closes the food circle through with earthworm compost.
  2. Welcomes residents nearby to be part of creating circularity.
  3. Also houses a shop to buy ethical products, local products.

SOC 3★: elab’s system allows residents nearby to participate in creating local change
ENV 1★: Zero food waste, and sells eco-friendly products
Circularity: Recycle, Rethink
(About Sustainability Impact score)

A collaborative lab that involves all stakeholders in creating a circular society

Elab is a collaborative laboratory owned by Fog Co., Ltd. that focuses on exploring circularity in the essential aspects of daily life, such as clothing, food, and housing. The lab involves consumers, companies, experts, and academics in their research and puts it into practice. Visitors get to see the store and rooftop garden, and enjoy a delicious lunch made by élab’s chef, who specializes in agriculture and fermentation, using seasonal vegetables.

One of the lab’s main sections is their zero-waste Kitchen Lab, which is plant-based and sources seasonal vegetables from local urban farms practicing urban agriculture. They use earthworm compost to recycle food waste generated during cooking and close the circle by using the compost in the rooftop garden. The Living Lab, located past the cafe space, involves local businesses and communities as stakeholders to create circularity. As the area has a history of artisanal craftsmanship, bringing circular economy principles to the community is one of elab’s goals.

Apart from their research and practical applications, elab also offers eco-friendly products, and there is a selection of recommended books, though they are typically in Japanese.

And that reflects the name elab, or erabu lab (a laboratory of choice). It aspires to be a collaborative lab that explores, researches, and implements sustainable lifestyles from the perspective of consumers, companies, experts, and academics, from the aspects of clothing, food, and shelter, which are indispensable for life.

What we would like to see

None at the moment.


(updated 13 Mar 2023)

Brand name élab
Genre Plant-based
Website Homepage (JA)
Address 〒111-0054 Tokyo, Taito City, Torigoe, 2 Chome−2−7
Google Map https://goo.gl/maps/
Contact Info
Opening Hours

Lunch & Cafe: 12 pm ~ 6 pm

Kitchen Lab closed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Living Lab closed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Instagram Account

élab Kitchen Lab

élab Living Lab

Facebook Account Facebook URL
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