Mirai Convenience Store



  1. Architecture by world-renowned Shigeru Ban.
  2. Kid’s dome promotes creativity of children, also family-friendly.
  3. A self-Löyly Finnish-style sauna is available!

SOC 2★: Revitalization based on creating a future for children
(About Sustainability Impact score)

A sustianable convenience store for the future of children

Mirai Convenience Store, a project of Kito Design Holdings, opened its doors in April 2020. The store was conceived to enhance the convenience of people living in an area grappling with depopulation and aging.

The name “Mirai” translates to “future” in Japanese, reflecting the store’s commitment to the children who will shape the area’s future. The goal is to create a space where children naturally gather, experience hope and stimulation for the future, and cultivate their passions.

The store’s design is child-centric. The shelves are lower than those in a typical convenience store, making it easier for children to reach products. The store is filled with elements for children, such as a cafe serving Kito Yuzu soft serve ice cream, an eat-in space, and bookshelves stocked with hard-to-find magazines, comics, novels, and art books.

Mirai Convenience Store also supports the local community by offering essential daily necessities and local products, including items made with Kito’s specialty, “Kito Yuzu.” The store serves as a hub for both local life and visitor interaction.

The Kito district, home to Mirai Convenience Store, is a remote area where over half of the population of about 1,000 people is over 65 years old. The store is located in the far western end of this vast village, in a region with a population of only about 200 people. The store was named “Mirai” with the hope of improving the shopping environment for local people and providing a place where children can encounter diverse lifestyles and sensibilities, stimulating their future aspirations.

Building a convenience store in this remote area and transforming a mere passageway into a destination is a significant challenge for the Kito Project. The project aims to connect all visitors and the region, weaving the future of Kito.

The store’s architectural design reflects the concept of “the world’s most beautiful convenience store.” The design theme is “coexistence with nature” in Kito, a region known for its rich nature and yuzu production. The Y-shaped truss structure, painted bright yellow, was inspired by Kito’s yuzu fields. The wall facing the road is entirely made of glass, and wood chips made from domestically produced pine are packed outside the store, creating a sense of unity with Kito’s beautiful, rainy nature.

The back of the store is designed as a cafe space where visitors can experience the original menu of “Kito Yuzu” and an area where children can enjoy various picture books and beautiful images of Kito. It has become an iconic presence in Kito, loved by local residents and tourists as a place of interaction where people can gather casually.


(updated 18 May 2023)

Brand name Mirai Convenience Store
Genre Regional Revitalization
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Address Tokushima, Naka District, Naka, Kitokitagawa, Imojiyashiki−11−1
Google Map https://goo.gl/maps/
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8 am ~ 7 pm

Closed on Wednesday

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