LFC Compost



  1. Designed as a solution to composting in urban areas.
  2. Addresses Japan’s heightened food waste concerns.
  3. Strong after purchase support to help compost correctly.
SOC 3★: Inspiring circularity among urbanites, linking to health and wellbeing
ENV 3★: Inspires circularity and reduces emissions
Circularity: Recycle (Compost)
(About Sustainability Impact score)

From kitchen waste to composting for the environment

Composting is an ideal solution for reducing landfill waste. However, the misconception that composting requires a lot of space has deterred many who live in cities or small apartments.

In January, Japanese composting company Local Food Cycling launched a portable compost kit LFC Compost, making it easier for city-dwellers to achieve a zero-waste lifestyle. This starter kit comes with an outer tote bag composter, an inner paper-based compost bag and compost booster, all of which are designed to fit easily into urban homes.

This compact composter doesn’t take up much space, so you can easily place it on your veranda. The stylish outer bag is made from old plastic materials and is reusable. The bag also features a water-resistant zipper that keeps undesirable bugs away. The compost booster includes rice chaff and coconut shells, which help to prevent bad smells as well as activating your compost pile. The inner paper bag holds your kitchen waste and booster, helping to maintain appropriate moisture levels.

To get started, simply put 300 grams of kitchen waste and compost booster in the tote-bag shaped composter, which is lined with the paper bag. You can add the same amount of raw food scraps everyday up to a maximum of about two months. In 2-3 weeks, you should get a healthy, nutrient-rich compost.

Yuiko Taira, the managing director of Local Food Cycling, says that her passion for composting started when her father became ill. She cared for him by serving a nutritious diet called Shokuyojo, serving him organic meals, and noticed his condition was improving. Having realized that organic vegetables are key to a healthy life, Taira decided to develop a user-friendly composter that helps enrich soil.

The company also released a 3-week compost trial kit, which comes with a smaller kit, gardening soil and seasonal seeds, encouraging novice gardeners to give it a try. Additionally, the company has an official account on LINE (the popular messaging app) run by composting experts, so you can always ask for advice even before you purchase the kit.

Composting helps you reduce the need to dispose of biodegradable materials. At the same time, it fuels the fertility of soil and creates an opportunity to produce, instead of waste. The introduction of LFC Compost will help foster more green-oriented mindsets, with more people turning trash into sustainable resources.

[Interview] Interview: LFC Compost wants to create urban circularity through food waste

What we would like to see

LFC Compost is working on it now, and we hope we will see its operations expand globally together with English support.


(updated 1 Sept 2022)

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