Hummingbird Electricity



  1. 100% provider of renewable energy.
  2. 1% goes to a social cause of your choice.
  3. Monthly transparency report for all customers.

SOC 2★: Developed a system to allow customers contribute to social causes
ENV 3★: Provides 100% renewables at an attempt to halve the country’s carbon footprint
(About Sustainability Impact score)

Social contributions simply through the use of renewable energy

Hummingbird Electricity is from Borderless Japan Corp., an organization focused on nurturing social entrepreneurs (many of them exciting!). Although it may seem unusual for such an organization to enter the energy business, Hummingbird electricity is one of the most dedicated energy providers promoting 100% renewable energy.

Hummingbird Electricity also includes social contribution as a part of its model. 1% of the subscriber’s monthly fee is donated to one social organization that the subscriber can choose from, and another 1% will go into building more renewable energy power plants. Part of the idea is to create a continuous contribution and improvement for society. Hummingbird Electricity shows transparency by sending reports of the activities to subscribers.

Kazunari Taguchi, CEO of Borderless Japan, shares, “Our purpose is to combat global warming. 40% of Japan’s carbon dioxide emissions come from the energy conversion sector. Yet, in December 2019, Japan announced it would increase thermal power generation and received the disgraceful Fossil Award. This is the beginning of this project.”

He further revealed that Hummingbird Electricity discovered that 46.7% of household carbon emissions come from electricity use. “If we can switch to electricity that does not emit CO2, we can halve carbon emissions in households.”

Social contributions serve as an additional appeal for Japanese citizens to make the switch to renewables. Hummingbird Electricity’s business model allows subscribers to effortlessly contribute to social causes by changing to and using renewable energy


(updated 2 February 2023)

Brand name Hummingbird Electricity
Genre Renewable energy, Social contribution
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Opening Hours Website is available 24 hours for application
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