1. Luscious surroundings.
  2. An accommodation that is ethical for environment and economy.
  3. Partners with local businesses to deliver ethical experiences.
SOC 2★: Partnerships with local businesses to provide hotel services
ENV 3★: Located in zero-waste center WHY Kamikatsu
Circularity: Refuse, Rethink, Repurpose
(About Sustainability Impact score)

Kamikatsu’s Hotel WHY is located by the side of Kamikatsu’s Zero Waste Center. Many of you will be familiar with Kamikatsu town, the first town in Japan to announce its zero waste goals. By 2020, Kamikatsu town has achieved 80% recycling rate through the passionate efforts by the people, business and local government through the past few decades.

From the air, you will see the question mark-shaped Center, and at the end of the symbol, the circular structure marks Hotel WHY, a sustainable hotel where you can experience zero waste accommodation.

The hotel offers 4 rooms, each able to accommodate two to four persons. There are two types of rooms, both offering a magnificent view of the mountains the hotel is located among. Its simple, red exterior exudes an atmosphere of peace, with a circular opening at the middle to allow the sun to light to up or for the rain to greet its occupants.

To avoid use-and-throw, environmentally friendly amenities are shared among roommates, provided by the ecostore. Even guests are involved in the zero waste action, as they cut pieces of soap for their own use, and are encouraged to bring home the leftovers to use.

Partnership is also strong with local businesses in Kamikatsu town. For example, the breakfast provided to guests are from local cafes from town, and the curtains are sewn in collaboration with a local factory.

While there, you can visit the Zero Waste Center itself, and see how the residents circulate old items or garbage with the center at its core, or even contact INOW for a sustainable tour around Kamikatsu.

It is highly recommended to make reservations early, not only because of its popularity, but the preparations to tie down with local businesses (eg. preparing breakfast) is better with lead time. 

Sometimes we catch ourselves saying, “Wish there were more rooms.” But that is not required, for the hotel is “just enough,” rather than preparing excess, which strays away from the ethical.

If you want to know more about Kamikatsu Zero Waste Center and Hotel WHY, you can read our report here.

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Genre Hotel
Website Homepage
Address Shimohiura-7-2 Fukuhara, Kamikatsu, Katsuura District, Tokushima, 771-4501, Japan
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Contact Info

080-2989-1533 (Contact hours: 9am~5pm)

Opening Hours CHECK IN: 3pm – 5pm
CHECK OUT: 10:30am
Instagram Account Instagram URL (Kamikatsu Zero Waste Center, JA)
Facebook Account Facebook URL (Kamikatsu Zero Waste Center, JA)
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Parking Available
Children-friendly Yes
Accessibility TBA

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