1. Born with the aim of cleaning and beautifying Pasig City in Philippines.
  2. Doubles as employment and creating income for people, ensuring fair pay to workers.
  3. Same income helps Filipino children receive an education too.

SOC 3★: Fair trade drives fair income to overcome poverty
ENV 2★: Unique design drives awareness for city beautification
Circularity: Repurpose

(About Sustainability Impact score)

Fair trade bags upcycled from drink cartons 

Coco&K. sells lovely and eco-minded bags up-cycled from fruit juice packages.

The project of up-cycling fruit juice packages was initially ran by the Kilus Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization that is working on environmental issues in the Philippines. Coco&K. is Japan’s official agency and imports its bags and other products. Those products are currently available in 12 countries, such as Japan, the US, the UK, and Denmark.

Coco&K. bags are made from reused aluminum fruit juice cartons. The combination of shapes, colors, designs, and logos builds its vivid, bright, and unique colors.

Coco&K. has been supporting the Kilus Foundation since 2002 and is the only official agency in Japan. Coco&K. won the 5th Social Products Award in the International Category of the Social Products Promotion Association.

Behind the creation of these products are the environmental, employment, and education issues. In the Philippines, child labor among the poor is a growing problem.By collecting juice packs and manufacturing recycled products such as bags and sandals, the city is cleaned up and new jobs for women are created. By earning income through the production of these products, many children who were previously unable to attend school are now able to do so.

In addition, illegal dumping of aluminum packs as a source of pollution of rivers and soil has become a social problem in the Philippines. By converting garbage into resources, they are contributing to waste reduction and educating the local community about environmental improvement.

Coco&K. imports fairtrade products so that the locals work safely and receive a fair wage. They trades with the Kilus Foundation constantly to support creating a society where people in the Philippines can live independently as well.

Originally published on Circular Yokohama.


(updated 25 Feb 2023)

Brand name Coco&K.
Genre Accessory, Upcycling
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〒222-0002 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Kohoku Ward, Morookacho, 905-4

Online store available too.

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