1. Uses abandoned houses to revitalizes local regions.
  2. Add to the plan to bring your family along too.
  3. Ideal mix into flexible workstyles.

SOC 2★: A scalable solution to address the akiya (abandoned homes) problems in Japan
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ADDress is a monthly subcription service, allowing users to stay at any location in Japan (subject to availability, of course). Its listing are akiya housing, which ADDress helps owners flip to turn them into accomodation.

You can think of these as Airbnbs, but with a low price and wonderful nature views. Not only does it give the original owners a chance to share the enjoyment of their locations, it also revitalizes the local economy directly and indirectly.

Akiya housing, or abandoned homes, is a social problem in Japan, led by an imbalance in the movement of population, in particular from rural areas to cities. It leads to house abandonment, which leads to various issues like making a neighbourhood look dilapidated or poses danger if the houses are not structurally maintained.

These homes have owners, but there is little financial motivation to upkeep. Common solutions include creating satellite offices or essential shops for locals. Recently, the government is encouraging resettlers from cities to purchase them for a low price. This is where ADDress comes in and is considered a forerunner in tackling the akiya problem.

The founder had the foresight to see the potential of alternative work- and lifestyles, even before the coronavirus pandemic hit and accelerated the same need for change in Japan.

Since it’s founding in 2019, the service has expanded beyond the akiya, and include hostels, coworking offices and even accommodation with campsites! This is aligned with ADDress’s goal of promoting with styles of coliving and different workstyles.

What we would like to see

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(updated 6 Sept)

Brand name ADDRESS
Genre Coliving, Subscription
Website Homepage (JA)
Address Online
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Contact No. 075-352-6730
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Parking Depends on individual accommodation.
Children-friendly Depends on individual accommodation.
Accessibility Depends on individual accommodation.

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