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What to look for in sustainable accommodation?

One aspect of sustainability that the Zenbird team often juggle with is the question, “What makes this hotel or guesthouse sustainable?” We discussed this before about what ethical consumption is, and sustainability can become subjective.

On the other hand, that variation gives us choice!

If you are interested in zero waste, there are hotels for your waste-less stay. If you care more about clean energy, there are accommodations for your carbon footprint free travel. In fact, sometimes many of these hotels cover more than one area. Let’s look at some of them!

Sustainable energy

Hotels with renewable energy

In a world that increasingly values noise and speed, there’s a quiet but compelling movement toward sustainable travel. Hotels that utilize renewable energy offer an intriguing proposition for those who seek to harmonize their external environment with their internal values.

These establishments aren’t simply places to rest your head; they are sanctuaries that encourage thoughtful engagement with our planet. Utilizing solar, wind, or other renewable resources, they serve as symbols of how we can coexist gracefully with nature.

This isn’t just about reducing carbon footprints or combating climate change—important as those missions are. It’s also about the subtle, psychological benefits that come from aligning one’s actions with one’s principles. For many travelers, staying in a renewable-energy hotel amplifies the sense of internal peace and purpose, making the journey not just a physical relocation, but a meaningful voyage toward a more thoughtful way of living.

Alignment with values

Choosing a renewable-energy hotel enriches travel experiences by aligning accommodations with personal values of sustainability and ethical responsibility.

Reduced carbon footprint

Guests can vacation guilt-free, knowing their stay actively minimizes environmental impact by cutting down greenhouse gas emissions.

Innovation and experience
These hotels often showcase the latest in eco-friendly technology, offering a unique stay that is both environmentally and intellectually enriching.
Some recommendations

Making other’s lives better

Social good hotels

Hotels that contribute to regional revitalization and social good offer far more than just a place to sleep; they offer travelers an opportunity to be part of a larger, impactful narrative.

When a hotel engages in local community upliftment, whether it’s by employing local staff, sourcing local produce, or supporting indigenous crafts, it not only boosts the regional economy but also adds layers of authenticity and richness to the guest’s experience. For many consumers, the idea of “travel with a purpose” is becoming increasingly important.

These socially responsible hotels allow guests to invest in the welfare of the communities they visit, turning travel into a mutually beneficial exchange rather than a one-sided consumer activity

Community impact
Staying in such hotels turns your visit into a force for local good, directly contributing to community development and regional revitalization.
Opportunity for an authentic experience
These hotels often provide a richer, more genuine travel experience by integrating local culture, crafts, and cuisine into their offerings.
Shift towards purposeful travel
Choosing a socially responsible hotel elevates travel from a simple leisure activity to a meaningful endeavor that aligns with broader ethical and humanitarian goals.
Some recommendations

For a circular economy

Circular hotels

In a world grappling with overconsumption and waste, hotels that embrace the circular economy offer a transformative experience that aligns with the growing concern for sustainability. By adopting practices such as zero-waste, upcycling, and resource recovery, these hotels show that economic prosperity and ecological balance can coexist. For consumers, the appeal is manifold.

First, there’s the intrinsic satisfaction of knowing that their travel choices are contributing to a future where resources are valued and nothing is wasted. This aligns with a broader ethical lifestyle that many are striving for, making each stay feel like a meaningful action toward sustainability.

Secondly, circular hotels often exhibit ingenuity in design and operations, providing a unique, eye-opening experience for guests. From repurposed furniture to zero-waste toiletries, every detail becomes an educational opportunity, enriching the guest’s understanding of what a sustainable future could look like.

Consumption that makes you empathic
Opting for a circular hotel allows you to actively participate in a meaningful, resource-respectful system, elevating your travel experience beyond mere sightseeing.
Often unique experiences!
Circular hotels often employ creative and innovative methods for sustainability, offering guests an engaging and educational insight into how waste can be transformed into valuable resources.
Living a vision for the future
By choosing to stay in a hotel that adheres to circular economy principles, you align yourself with a future-focused, ethical lifestyle that reveres sustainability and mindful living.
Some recommendations


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