Sakuraya Cafe & Shop

Eat & Drink, Lifestyle


  1. Promotes work opporunities for people with minorities.
  2. Eco-conscious and local ingredients used.

ENV 1★: Creates employment opportunities for people with disabilities.
(About Sustainability Impact score)

The cafe supports people with disabilities. You can enjoy pesticides-free rice, “Kasaneni” (piling up ingredients and boil) of organic vegetables, organic raisin and macrobiotic sweets.

Alongside the cafe, Sakuraya also sells orginal handmade products.

This is a Legacy brand, sustainable brands that supported Zenbird Life in its early days.

What we would like to see

None at the moment.


(updated 25 October)

Brand name Sakuraya
Genre Cafe, Disability, Accessories, Tableware
Website Homepage (JA)
Address 26-27 Toriigaoka, Yamagata, 990-2433
Google Map
Opening Hours

Sakuraya Cafe
Opens Tuesday to Friday
11 am ~ 3 pm
Last order 2 pm

Sakuraya Shop
Opens Monday to Friday
10 am ~ 4 pm

Instagram Account
Facebook Account Facebook Account
Twitter Account
Parking 8 lots, reservations to use required
Children-friendly TBA
Accessibility TBA

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