Brown Rice by Neal’s Yard Remedies

Eat & Drink


  1. Utilizes seasonal ingredients to match the body’s exposure to the season.
  2. Collaborated with craftspeople to provide tableware.
  3. Promotes Japan’s superfood, brown rice.

ENV 1★: Ensures high-nutritional valued vegan food.
(About Sustainability Impact score)

The restaurant is based on the concept where it is a place “you can return to who you really were.” Serves all vegan cuisine and vegan sweets. It is certified by “Ethical Company Organization.” Terrace seats are available. No smoking within the restaurant.

This is a Legacy brand, sustainable brands that supported Zenbird Life in its early days.

What we would like to see

None at the moment.


(updated 25 October)

Brand name Brown Rice by Neal’s Yard Remedies
Genre Vegan, Restaurant
Website Homepage
Address 5 Chome-1-8 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001
Google Map
Opening Hours

11:30 am ~ 5 pm
Last order for food: 4pm
Last order for drinks: 4.30pm

Weekends and holidays
11:30 am ~ 6 pm
Last order for food: 5pm
Last order for drinks: 5.30pm

Closed on every first Tuesday

Instagram Account Instagram Account
Facebook Account Facebook Account
Twitter Account Twitter Account
YouTube Channel AIN SOPH. YouTube Channel
Parking No
Children-friendly Yes
Accessibility TBA

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