We believe that it should be easy to enjoy and shop sustainably.

Zenbird.Life is your one stop directory for sustainable brands and shops in Japan.

This directory is recommended for anyone looking for sustainable options in Japan. Zenbird.life is a growing list of Japanese sustainable brands and shops across the 47 prefectures. Whether you are traveling in Japan, or looking for alternatives in your neighborhood, you will be able to find and enjoy these sustainable choices!

Categories of Japanese Sustainable brands


On a holiday? There are sustainable accommodations in Japan!

Cafe & Restaurant

From vegan to ethical ingredients, helping you eat responsibly.

Health & Beauty

Ethical options that are good for the body and environment.


Everyday use like organic cotton clothing.


When you want to play without hurting the environment.


Lovely souvenirs and gifts you can bring home with you.


Celebrating the diversity sustainable fashion brings.

Believing in Sustainability

Global warming, plastic filled ocean, loss of natural habitats, food loss, textile waste, overconsumption, unfair wages, dangerous workplaces… 
Our actions are showing an incredulous impact on our environment, putting an unprecedented amount of burden on nature, while encroaching on human rights. Enough is enough. It’s time for us to consume responsibly.
But it is not always easy to find sustainable options, especially when there are so many choices to choose from. Zenbird.life sifts through all the options, shares the sustainable brands so you can search and filter, and even shows you where they are located.

Can’t find your favorite brand?

If there’s any cafe, restaurants, shops or online store you think should be listed on Zenbird.life, let us know!